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By: Gurrod Cole

This is Samo real name Samuel Ruiz\\, an artist from Pomona California. The mediums he uses are mostly painting and fashion. I meet Samo through "Artist Mind" an art exhibition curated by Alejandro "TOTO" Ruiz and Samo. I was immediately captured by the pieces that he made. There is clear inspiration from modern and street art. When looking at his art I noticed an almost a child like presence in his art, in the sense that there's a freedom there. There's no rules or specific style being followed. This allows his pieces to come out flawlessly.

Samo is a man of religion and he is proud of it. Many of pieces display crosses, angels, and other religious symbolisms. When I asked Samo what the reason for this is was that he believes that he can use his art to promote a positive message in the world and should join a religion of their choosing if they're inclined.

"I am an artist and fashion designer from Pomona California Who uses his resources to maximum and has no ceiling to where or how his art can be perceived or reach."

Since he's uses so many different mediums, Samo has established himself as multimedia artist at a young age. Below are some of his works and pages, and in the next few weeks me and Samo will be collaborating on exhibitions and some projects for his fashion line

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