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Losing my mind creatively

By: Gurrod Cole

So I've found myself in a bit of a situation. I don't know what to create exactly, but I'm finding that it's been a strength recently.

My day-to-day routine is this now, workout, make some shit, go to work, sleep. Is it affecting my health? Maybe, but why does that matter? SUFFER FOR YOUR ART BITCHES. But now, really take care of yourself because capitalist America is breaking us down mentally and physically. And I'm a victim of it too so let's be better and take a stand for our shit.

Even my definition of art has changed, anything that you invest time and effort into is art. Even art that people may view as bad or beginner I see the value in it because the process of finding your art style and being comfortable in producing it takes a lot of time and experimentation. It's a chaotic mess, the only way I could explain it is rampant ideas and emotions stuck in your head that are finding a way to get productively

This week's artworks

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