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Updated: Dec 26, 2023

BY: Gurrod Cole

A spokesperson for the DIY approach, Nojay is a recording artist, producer, audio engineer and music video director from the Sacramento, CA area. They are known locally for their self-organized animated live shows and experimental production. They were nominated for a Sacramento Area Music award (SAMMIE) in 2020 for their shows in late 2019. They are pursuing a degree in Gender, Ethnic and Multicultural Studies with a music minor in order to better unify music workers.

Currently Nojay has five album releases Nojay Simpson (2019), Where the Pines Scrape the Sky (2020), Nojay Simpson 2 (2021), Propaganda Poetry (2022), and Propaganda Poetry 2 (2023) and a handful of other singles. They are also a member of Size 18 Shoes a creative collective that are based in the Inland Empire. In the interview below we go over the groups ideals and purpose in the creative scene.

We sat down and discussed their mindset towards the current state of our country and the issues we face socially and economically and how these issues translate to the creation of art. Specially how in times of stress, communities tend to come together and create works that reflect their world. For Nojay their contributions to size 18 and the growing scene in the I.E. has shown that they care about the visions of the artists of this area and is trying to find their voice in the industry. Taking a look at their pages one can see throughout all of their works, the belief that we as a artists need to take our own creative success into our own hands and that we cannot allow the pressures of the multiple creative industries to silence or overlook our voices.


Nojay currently streams on Soundcloud, Tidal, and all of the major music streaming platforms.

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