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By Gurrod Cole

I want to be free, you want to be free, why can't we be free? Because that is too easy and where is the fun in that? We should embrace the pain that we go through because we have always been in hell. The world we live in is one that balances the good and evils, one cannot coexist without the other, because without the other we don't have a comparative. So be grateful in those negative experiences we go through.

Growing up I went through the stereotypical "I want to not be alive", and "everything sucks" type of mentality. What I didn't realize was how these were my trials to make me into the person I am today. I look at myself in the mirror and realize I'm not perfect. I'm starting to look like my father, the two wrinkles that go up my cheeks are just like his and his scruffy beard is on my face. It's terrifying to realize at this age my father had me and was going through his hell. I like to use his life as a reference to mine, kind of like a handbook on how to not fuck up your life. But that was wrong, he was on his own crazy path to eventually have me so I can sit here and build my empire. His purest dreams never went away but have only been passed on to me so I must continue it. So now I'm in my hell, watching as the world seems to be caught up in the same ridiculous cycles and I can only laugh. Laugh at how seriously I was taking it all when the system we live in is ridiculous.

Embrace the unknown and realize it's our time to make something of ourselves and set changes to the culture going forward. Because we will continue forward, despite the anarchy, civil unrest, and pain we go through, we are the ones who will change the world so stop hiding away from what must be done

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