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CERVGODS AND J CASiLLAS: New Wave of Musicians

By Gurrod Cole

Recently I've been following two musicians for the past few months and I'm honestly impressed. CERVGODS is a producer from Azusa California, despite being new to production his understanding of modern rap, alternative, etc... is extensive and provides a versatile sound. J. Casillas is from Glendora, California

Cervgods (Devan Cervantes) J.Casillas (Josh Casillas)

Right now as I'm writing this J.Casillas is high as shit strumming at my guitar and Cervgods is pondering on a Fl Track. All of us have linked up since we plan on dropping EPs in the coming years.

Trap, Etherel,Rap, Hip-hop,Punk, all influences coming together, over 100 songs in backlog there's a lot to come from this artist in the future

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