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Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Rapper, Producer, Model

By: Gurrod Cole

Who is Askari? If you're a local you might've seen him perform throughout the I.E. Pictured to the left, Askari has always been one to stand out. At a first glance you may notice the crop top or the multiple belts. This look has been cemented by Askari after years of finding his own style and artistic vision.

Starting off Askari perused graphic design and photography.

In this Instagram post we can see the first major step in Askari's style. His character "Ace" showed his keenness for flair with his card inspired outfit. After this we've seen Askari blossomed into a model, producer, and Rapper.

Photos shot by Gurrod Cole:

Now, Askari is performing at venues and shows in the I.E. and long beach. He's a member of "Size 18 Shoes" and collabs with other members frequently. Outside of his own music he produced and composed ZAYALLCAPS track "BESTIE(TOKYO)" and was seen in Jahsy's music video "Ppl Pleaser"

What always made Askari stand out to me was how dedicated and precise he is when it comes to his music. Perfectionism is worthwhile if the product is on par and Askari fits this well. Currently Askari doesn't have any of his music released on major platforms but this hasn't taken away from his influence but only grew it. Becoming almost a presence instead of an artist, any time Askari is on a set list be prepared for a loud and energizing performance that will certainly leave you asking, "Who is Askari?"

In this podcast episode me and Askari sit down discuss how our experiences in school impacted our creative process, aspirations in the industry, and the pressures of putting out impactful art. Especially in a world where with the rise of social media has caused a flood of content that can be accessed anywhere 24/7

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