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My Photography and Graphic Design Style explained

By Gurrod Cole:

So those who have been following my work know that I have a unique art style, is that for the better or for worse? You guys be the judge of that one, but what I will do is go into a little insider explaining programs and points and times where I remember my art hanging


At the beginning of my journey all I did when it came to photography was take a few classes in high school and take a few photos of some friends. I didn't know anything about composition, framing, etc... but I did know what I liked to see so I tried my best to implement it into my own style. Obviously bright obnoxious colors, the fisheye lense, and "street style" where some of my biggest influences. I believe that this came from the media that I consumed growing up, I was born in '03 right in the aftermath of the '90s and 50 Cent was the best rapper out. I watched these old grainy music videos with old cameras, stupid shit from the internet, and whatever piece of pop culture I could get my hands on. My young brain was like a sponge and I unexpectedly used these influences in my art as time went on.


Now when it comes to developing your own art style in any medium I would say that the one thing to do is to replicate your own taste. Now some of you may think that's just copying other people's art style. And yes... what the fuck do you think art is. Every single idea that's out there isn't original..shocking... no hit song, or Oscar-winning film, they all have taken elements from different pieces of media beforehand and refurbished them into their vision. Now anyone who may be in this stage right now I recommend finding connections between each one of your tastes and find the consistencies between them. Is it colors, themes, or simplicities? Find them and run with them strongly


The last and most important point for me is to ask yourself, why do you create? I don't care for how little or big, inclusive or selfish, why do you make art? I know for myself I create because of my outlook on the world. I see a world that has a whole bunch of lost souls; myself included that need something to keep them going. Sex, drugs, or violence everyone has a vice in one way or another. This causes me to reflect a lot on how things ended up going wrong. It seems like we have all the resources and technology to get to a world we'd all benefit from and in reality, most of us barely get by. This reflection has been a huge staple in my art, I want people to see my photos and be able to see a hidden darker side of themselves they may be hiding; not to be ashamed of, just aware of. Aware of the imperfections that you and I are, and that's what makes you a human. So whatever parts of your soul motivate you to create and indulge in it and find what your vision of our world is.

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